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Most of Maria’s clients usually come to her after an accident or because they’re feeling chronic pain.  Many also utilize chiropractic care or physical therapy, which are very effective in combination with massage.  Some people come to her because they like her deep, gentle approach with lots of stretching and joint mobilization…..

Whether you want pain reduction, relaxation, or health-enhancement, Maria has advanced training in orthopedic massage which utilizes a variety of techniques, such as positional release, trigger point, myofascial release and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitative (PNF) stretching, to name a few.  Maria will also infuse these sessions with thai-style stretches, meridian work and acupressure, as appropriate.  She can also provide zen shiatsu and/or thai yoga on the mat for those who would like a more traditional Asian bodywork experience.

Most importantly, Maria uses what she calls “deep listening” or “presence” to feel what’s going on in her client’s body, to call attention to it, and together, address it.  A client’s healing is exponentially greater with active participation through awareness, breathwork, visualization, active stretches, or corrective exercise.   Of course, for those who just want a relaxing massage, that’s great, too.  All they have to do is breathe and enjoy!

Maria has been a licensed massage therapist since 2009, having studied at Heartwood Institute, a residential one-year, 1000+ hour massage and holistic health program in Northern California.  She is also an experienced exercise and qigong instructor.

Check out some of her clients’ testimonials, and please call if you have any questions about services.


Maria Kaya Kojima, LMT
Photo by Joy McCallister Photography

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